Water Fountain Verses The Toilet

A middle school student conducted and experiment testing the bacteria content at four water fountains against the water fron the toliet. To adults surprise it wasn’t the fountains that had the cleanest water.

He used Q-tips to swab the spigots of four fountains and toilet dunking the cotton swab into the water and dragging around the rim to make sure he got a good sample. He put thew results under light in the school lab to speed up growth. The fountain water petri dishes were swarming with bacteria while the toilet water was clean.

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Your Body Requires Clean Water

Your body depends on clean water to perform its daily functions, such as digestion, temperature and blood regulation, respiration, and detoxification.For your body to be able to flush toxins and assimilate nutrients plenty of clean water is a necessity When under stress the bodies need for water increases. When working to rid of pollutants and toxins the need for clean water increases.
Your bodies ability to shed excess fat and maintain your skin are dependent not only on the quantity but also the quality of the water you consume.Your skin is 80% water, your body is close to 75% water. To maintain your skins elasticity and moisture requires plaenty of clean water. Oxygen, nutrients, and antibodies are thrans ported throughout your body in your blood which is 90% water.


Passed by Congress in 1974, and amended in both 1986 and 1996, the EPA’s Safe Drinking Water Act was intended to ensure safe public drinking water.It’s been documented that each year there are over 200,000 violations to the Safe Drinking Water Act involving over 20 percent of water treatment facilities.

However, I have no information that your particular water treatment facility had violations.

EPA standards are based on a male weighing 175 lb. and only one chemical present in the water consumed.It’s scientifically recognized the synergistic toxicity and negative effects are greatly magnified if two are more chemicals are present in your tap water. Think about the results from 6 or 7 different chemicals in your water.

Like most of most people you probably assume your drinking water is safe. Peole pour a nice tall glass of cool sparkling water from the tap or they crack open a plastic bottle. Most don’t realize the cleanest looking water is not necessarily the healthiest. Looks, taste, and smell of water are not always an indication of the dangers present.

Impurities in your drinking water can come from a number of sources.There are many different toxic synthetic chemicals used in society today. Sad to say, every year that list grows longer
To make matters worse, even some naturally occurring substances can be harmful when they end up in your drinking water.

Let’s not overlook there’s water treatment and the question of the contaminates resulting from the disinfecting process. Finally, distribution systems and pipes create hazards all on their own.

As you can see, there can be a lot of impurities in the water from the tap, so filtering the water is essential to getting clean water. The potential hazards can vary from water source to water source. Check your water supply. Contact your municipal water district to get their report on the contents of the water coming into your home. You might be surprised what you find. Many of us are finding our water contains small amounts of all sorts of chemicals and pharmaceuticals. In many parts of the country the Oil and Gas Industry is injecting all sorts of chemicals into the ground water supply. Some people can light a fire with the water that comes from their facet. It appears in the near future we will all have to have a whole house filter to insure we have safe water to drink.

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Relatively Safe

While municipal water supplies are considered generally safe, sometimes the term “Safe” is relative.

Two Bacteria whose presence indicates that the water may be contaminated with human or animal wastes are Fecal coliform and E. coli. Diarrhea, cramps, nausea, headaches, or other symptoms can result from ingesting these disease causing microbes (pathogens) found in human and animal waste. Infants, people with compromised immune systems and young children can be subject to special health risk from these pathogens.
Although there is no collective MCLG for this contaminant group, there are individual MCLGs for some of the individual contaminants:
• Trihalomethanes: bromodichloromethane (zero); bromoform (zero); dibromochloromethane (0.06 mg/L): chloroform (0.07mg/L).
• Haloacetic acids: dichloroacetic acid (zero); trichloroacetic acid (0.02 mg/L); monochloroacetic acid (0.07 mg/L). Bromoacetic acid and dibromoacetic acid are regulated with this group but have no MCLGs.
• Lead and copper are regulated by a Treatment Technique that requires systems to control the corrosiveness of their water. If more than 10% of tap water samples exceed the action level, water systems must take additional steps. For copper, the action level is 1.3 mg/L, and for lead is 0.015 mg/L. If more than 10% of tap water samples exceed the action level, water systems must take additional steps.

These days many Americans have become reluctant to drink straight tap water knowing it may only meet minimum requirements or because it carries an odd smell or unpleasant aftertaste; others simply do not trust the government to adequately sanitize the water.
Bottled water has become an alternative for some. However, purified bottled water can be extremely expensive, especially for large families and those with low incomes. Thankfully, there is a solution: a whole house filter!
Whole house water filtration systems provide economical water filtration and eliminate the need for bottled water and tiny, faucet-based filters that need to be replaced many times a year. The whole house filter is attached to the main water line as it enters the home, purifying every gallon that passes through it. The most popular whole house water filtration systems are located directly ahead of the hot water splitter.
Whole house water filtration systems are an exciting option for home water purification. There are no disposable plastic bottles to buy, no clunky devices to attach to sink heads, and no tiny, easily clogged filters requiring lots of maintenance. No home should be without these revolutionary filtration systems.

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The Whole House Water Filtration Systen

When it comes to living a fuller, healthier life, whole house water filter systems can be the most important piece of fitness equipment we can buy. But while most of us are aware of the benefits of diet and exercise, we tend to overlook one of the building blocks of good health – water.

As people have become more health conscious, they have turned to alternatives such as bottled or distilled water, but these “healthy” choices may not be as healthy as we think. The bottled water industry is not well regulated and the plastic bottles used can actually enhance the unhealthy state of the water they contain by leeching synthetic chemicals into it. When compared to water cleaned by a whole house water filter system, the bottled stuff comes up far short.

And distilling is not much better. While the distillation process cleans water of some contaminants, it misses far more than it catches as most contaminants are much smaller in molecular structure than water itself. Distilling also tends to strip water of beneficial minerals such as calcium and magnesium, leaving it high in acid and low in alkaline. Drinking highly acidic water has been found to increase the risk of cancer and other diseases. To ensure that your water is providing the most health benefit, whole house water filter systems are far more dependable than any other means of purification.

A whole house water filter system will ensure that all the water you use on a daily basis for drinking, cooking and showering, will be as clean and healthy as possible and your bodies will thank you for it. You’ll see and feel the difference filtered water can make almost immediately.

The good news is that there are many options available to consumers when it comes to whole house water filter systems. Before purchasing a system for your home, educate yourself about the differences in each individual unit and pay careful attention to the Performance Data Sheet which will give you a clear picture of just how well the unit works to clean your water. State regulations can also give you an idea of which product to choose.

Generally speaking, a whole house water filter system which uses a multi-stage filtration process will give you the most thorough purification. Units can attach either directly at your home’s main water supply (point of entry) or at individual sinks or showers (point of use). Some combination of both is usually the most effective approach. You’ll also want to be sure that the filter you purchase uses a multi-media block filter with activated carbon. Nothing provides greater purification than a carbon based process.

Things you must do before purchasing a whole home filter system include check the peak usage at your particular home, and then check the hardness and pH of your home’s water as well. Knowing these factors is essential to making the right decision. Because it certainly is one of the most important things we consume on a daily basis and it is very important that is be as clean and as pure as possible. Cleaning it is not just necessary for drinking but having it nice for your showers and for cleaning is also essential. Your clothes and body will be cleaner than ever after installing the appropriate type of system in your house.

Having the very best filter for your home’s needs is really essential to keeping your family’s water clean and smelling nice and really keeping then as healthy as possible. There is no reason to consume additives found in yours that makes it unhealthy or dangerous to your health, when getting a filtration system is so simple. The money you save on bottled water and other things will help pay for the filter itself and the health benefits are priceless

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